proved immediately after inflation, as on the flrst occasion, the
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occurs in adults. In children the exudate which is produced in the
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sumes that cold parah'zes the epithelial cells of the bronchial tubes
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is possible. As a rule, however, unless the condition is recognized,
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Petrov* says that the absence of jaundice during the period of
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patients in the United States ma}', if no contraindications exist, be
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suppuration from a displacement of the purulent mucous secretion out
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tidal wave can scarcely be distinguished from the dicrotic wave
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effusion is merely a sign that the general disease has developed in the
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The above case demonstrates the remarkable clinical congruit\- of
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remain constant, there may be a considerable deficit in the blood-supply
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Hospital tlie discharge varied from a drachm or so to one or two
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marked : moreover, the disease did not begin with complaints
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pulmonary changes following rupture of the diseased areas into the
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the muscles are certainly not atrophic. Waldenburg finds expiration
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in the great majority of cases, both are present at the same time.
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breathing, whicli became more marked as the spasms were
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tion necrosis, accompanied by intense hyperemia of the alveolar capilla-
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cachectic, scrofulous, rachitic children gives a very unfavorable prog-
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at the commencement of this section, I may ask: Has not every
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with a long strip of iodoform gauze which had filled at least 500 c.c. of a
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movements is materially diminished during the use of morphin or
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Immermann and Schede: " Referat iil^'r die Behandlung der Empyeme," "Ver-
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According to the experimental investigation previously mentioned
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monia has been emphasized by Immermann and Heller on the
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both sides only reaches to the middle of the shoulder-blade, in the
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hypera?sthesia. The knee and ankle joints swelled as in rheu-
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lent effusion, even after pneumonia, is relatively rare; a serous or
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may be affected 5 times in the course of their lives, we must assume
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position, no signs of dyspnea in the alse of the nose or muscles of the neck;
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