intense congestion of the head and vessels of the eye, and one of
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ferent atmospheric conditions produce in its working.
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last twenty-five years. The book deals with practical subjects, and its contents
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heard veiy plainly over a space about the size of the palm on
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and expiration; in front, over the liver and stomach, and somewhat
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In moderately extensive and very extensive exudates the three
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selenid have an irritating influence on the mucous membrane.
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and the mildest form is a full cold bath in the morning. This can
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3. Secondary carcinoma, originating in remote organs, or, more
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1874. — Twenty-eight patients with cataract: sixteen senile, six
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investigator. Eppinger says it is alwaj^s atrophic and in part
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however, the apex of the curve becomes extraordinarily low; the tidal
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play. Another advantage of preventing the ingress of air and
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favor. But, as a general thing, the giving of prizes,
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right-sided empyema which was evacuated by operative means, I
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ment could be seen to be chiefly of" the lower jjart of retina
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not work properly because the flow is too great or because of other
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None of these were supposed to be swallowed or found in the stomach, and some
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and axis cylinders, are entirely wanting, large circular cavities being-
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primary or secondary disease, — since operative evacuation of the pus
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Korner: " Mvinchener med. Wochenschr.," 1888, No. 11. Carcinoma of the right
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finding of larger abscesses that have arisen by the decomposition of
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distinct impression that more harm than good is done with these
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phere loaded with coal-dust without showing any symptoms of
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mentioned I found both in one upper lobe. The far larger lower part
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is a sign of great diagnostic significance. It occurs even though pain
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The syndrome of Brissaud: ''Spasm, dyspnea, vasomotor disturb-
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any connection between two events when a long interval of time
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co\'er-glass into a dry, friable mass with a faint luster, and appear as
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this occurrence in any case of catarrhal pneumonia. I even go so
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Full-grown female of large proportions. Abdomen opened.
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of the parents.* I have myself at times seen such cases, but am of the
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secretion may also modify the results of auscultation from one moment
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Of especial note is the fact that in both cases of pneumonia ob-
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Inhalations of turpentine, first employed by Skoda, have been
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isolated cells of alveolar epithelium were visible.
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sema and ordinary chronic emphysema, and the former is frequently
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The narrowness was no doubt congenital, and was found at the