ing some cases of jaundice in which no obstruction could be found

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stage of tubercular phthisis may be met with : ' Nevertheless,

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Belfanti examined the blood bacteriologically in numerous pneu-

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pathologic condition. The dyspnea. des])ite the further development

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edly become proficient in the art of massage. An excellent feature is the simple

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lacking, this absence is only transitory. In other words, by coughing

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taining deeply stained, irregular, fragmentary nuclei surrounded

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1876. — Seventeen senile patients. Twenty-six eyes operated

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are produced, on the ground that the distention of the vessels takes

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inated in the right lower lobe, nothing but a httle mucus was expec-

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Under such circumstances diuretic remedies are no more able per-

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been irritated and predisposed by the bacillus, is responsible for the propagation of

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result except in very much neglected cases; whether the incision is

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machen?" "Berliner klin. Wochenschr.," 1892, No. 33.

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it is occasionally observed at other times (examples are given by Trous-

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fixing the hinge, being well curved round the temple to be out

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1. L. S. vomited in the evening; during the night she went off

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lymph-clefts and the vessels of the diaphragmatic and mediastinal pleurae

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either by heart failure, which show^s itself chiefly in a sudden un-

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stained with carmine were mounted in glycerine, and looked at

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cases of pneumonia, according to Geisler, 182 times herpes was noted ;

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regular text-books, but which of necessity the nurse should be ac-

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ported it by the following experiments and observations :

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agrees with him; in other words, he should regulate his diet so that

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their protective epithelial covering, and in consequence molecular

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believe to be due to an encephalitis (compare page 493). For this

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ment. The uterus and placenta sho\yed a whitish discoloration. Of

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to it; but, as Dr. Fuller 5 says, 'the presence of well-marked

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history to be expected. Whether due to excessive formation of

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is certain that many kinds of microbes may cause the destructive

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further inflammatory processes, resulting in tuberculosis.

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