diseases combine, each gives up a part of its peculiarities : the asthma,

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of the cartilages and obliteration of the sternocostal articulations,

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edema in pulmonary inflammation is due to the diplococci, which

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The investigations of Phoebus established the fact that in England

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large as a pinhead ; the other, close by, had the form of a line about

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large as we please and to keep it patulous as long as may be necessar}^

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that the pulmonary affection was secondary and itself terminated in

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mentary canal is almost as great as in Sir H. Thompson's ex-

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John D. Thomas reports 5 personal and 27 collected cases, which

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occur if, in addition to the pulmonary artery, the bronchial artery

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Owing to the gradual spread of the neoplasm from the hilum of the

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AVolbrecht: "T'eber Pleuracomplicationen bei Typhlitis und Perityphlitis," Inaug.

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children who have become weakened as a consequence of gastro-

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On testing the irritability of the motor nerves after death, they

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as seen in the case of indoor dogs thus treated. This latter con-

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The table on page 436 presents my 1501 cases, arranged accord-

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be. The exudate, as a rule, becomes purulent only after repeated

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air-current, which under normal circumstances is secured by the

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However, it is to be mentioned that the same author ascribes the

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and so forth. It is possible that a good many classes

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Ivanhoff§ used Rossbach 's chair in the treatment of ten emphy-

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lung was compressed, and the air and blood were driven out; while

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certainl}' produce drunkenness, and perhaps even the danger of severe

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Independent of this enlargement of the heart, or accompanying

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cells. This may be due to an invagination of pus-corpuscles in the

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painful. The pain in the knee and leg was so severe that large

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digitalis, of which but one, a man aged sixty-nine, died. From his