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about the finger, and the cavities of the mouth and throat are gently

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quently its elements must be further apart than during expiration;

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nective-tissue induration. (2) The interlobular tissue may act in the

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becomes the accepted practice in these cases, it will never be

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58. Emmerich: "Die Ursache der Immunitiit, die Heilung von Infectionskrank-

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'Above and behind the left tonsil was an irregular cavity, the

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exudate in the pleura) dominate the pathologic picture, ^^'ith regard

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doubtful. The opinions advanced by the authors challenge criticism,

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impulses which, as Hering and Breuer have shown by their well-

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or to make a girl full-chested and symmetrical, as is

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the cylinder, to withdraw the syringe at once without allowing the

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IT may be questioned whether college students should

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rather thick, sinuses natural. Tliere is an effusion of blood

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tioned. This form of catarrh may extend to the trachea and even

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absence of micro-organisms, and the presence of tubercle bacilli is

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the case, and the eye is fatigued bythe bright light

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clear and distinct, and the excursion on the screen, with the tube

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certain forms of nervousness, in anemia, and in hysteria. This im-

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base of the lower lolie numerous foci of gray consolidations were formed

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the different bacteria, the sputum will assume a putrid or fetid smell,

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lung affected with pleurisy may for a long time present alterations

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tradiction to the experiences of Grissolle. The latter states that

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needle, and it usually turned out that I had to deal with an ordinary

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11. Bronchitis in diseases of the digestive tract s only an excep-

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different kinds of fungi in the areas of pulmonary gangrene. One

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tion. In one it is a question of purely secondary changes. A gan-

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white blood-corpuscles could not be demonstrated by staining.

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much, but does not look idiotic ; cranium well shapen and sized ;

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in the circulation. The increase of the inner, chemical work, which is

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excess of pressure. The stenosis will evidently not always be neces-

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right-sided empyema which was evacuated by operative means, I

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crisis. "Every severe case does not, however, terminate with the

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and one hour after the heart sounds had ceased to be heard, and a

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by violent and repeated vomiting. The respiration is very much