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colleges is about nineteen. In the Amherst statistics

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Bacteriology. — Cohn, in an examination made with all proper

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an excavation in the diaphragm ; but an excavation of this kind is so

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and digitalis are by themselves much less efficacious than when

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as well as the experimental pathologist, will be the most inclined,

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cardiac action. A correct interpretation of this enlargement of the

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gray hepatization; fourth, purulent infiltration, or, more properly,

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useful in mitral disease, and its diuretic action will prove service-

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possible that gummy inflammation, or diffuse inflammation of the

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As to foreign bodies, we must always consider that we can often

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patients who have been in the semirecumbent position for some time,

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But if the dulness has very rapidly taken in the entire base and

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Jacobson: "Regarding the Treatment of Bronchial Diseases through Posture,"

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unfavorable case the amount of air that enters the pleura during the

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Leyden: "Deutsche med. Wochenschr.," S. 1085, 1891, "Bei zwei Kranken keine

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the thickness of which is equal to the width of the lumen. A smaller

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large bronchi, in the larjmx, in the nose, and in the nasopharyngeal

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Respiratory gymnastics are best carried on where the air is pure

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which is, of course, the essential factor in re-establishing the expan-

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of the lungs, or in postmortem engorgement with serum. The color

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ferr. bromid. ; chloral hyd. ; sod* carb. ; ol. morrhuse ; ferri

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lobe of the same side, and then attack the other lung. I myself made

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condition, the nutrition, the constitution, and the functional activity

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118. Lanccrcaux: "Traits pratique et historiquc de la Syphilis," Paris, 1873. Citirt

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tory gymnastics and to let his respiratory muscles act vigorously, as

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crura of the diaphragm and the thoracic wall. This induces a relaxa-

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sign, the manometer being connected with the abscess by means of a

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emphysema very often gradually merges into senile emphysema as

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A number of prophylactic measures are recommended by various

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Marfan says in regard to stenosis of the trachea and of the large

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Saunders. He threw a ligature around the bile-duct of a dog ; it

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