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SiG. — One or two (according to age) every two or three hours.

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until room is afforded for the free passage of the advancing tooth.

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a fibrinous exudation in the bronchi, forming in the larger bronchi a

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patient through delay. If the exudate has remained stationary for

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excluded, as dulness due to that cause would not disappear so rapidly.

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or bone on which the spinal column rests. This bone

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but even here I doubt whether the suppuration would have

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Further, the clinical onset of the disease, at least in some cases, is

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sequent development of a pneumothorax is at times to be expected.

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bronchial tubes. No blood was in the trachea. All the large

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the normal side appears high in pitch and abnormal (Skoda 's reso-

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thorax may also be involved. The usual explanation — that the

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suppuration. Other signs, such as the absence of congestion and of

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patients often state that they suddenly taste the drug in the mouth, a

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rarefaction possible; during expiration the pressure falls to a level deter-

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the parts, rigor mortis, and other as yet unknown processes (diffusion,

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An emphysematous subject may develop tuberculosis secondarily,

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harmonious results, so that one would explain the other.

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seeming fairly large, the hand was carried with considerable

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matter of fact they are relati^'ely infrequent. The hereditary factor

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In the accompanying figures the beginning and end of the dia-

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is very great, and in proper dilution and amount, to be accurately

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be found that people who die suddenly in this way have frequently

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present views and experience. Leyden and Jaffe have found several

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1. Patulence of the foramen ovale and ductus arteriosus. In atelec-

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swollen alveolar epithelium and a few red blood-corpuscles. Here and

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After a time the condition undergoes a change for better or worse:

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trouble be passed into it, but it is tightly grasj^ed. Both the

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cells; for one finds splinters principally of charcoal, so large as to

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213. Rokitansky: "Handbuch der speciellen pathologischen Anatomic," Bd. ii,

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outer side and, at the lumen, is limited by a substance consisting of

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as a rule enlarged ; occasionally even markedly enlarged. The skin

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2. That the above condition is nevertheless quite the excep-

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This series of American Health Primers is prepared to diffuse as widely ano

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the large air-passages, a general emphysema may result. This occurs

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"Revue mW. de la Suisse rom.," 1892, xii, 1, p. 46, Jan.