secretory pressure is comparatively low, because the abnormal stimulus

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Haenisoh : " Zur Aetologic urul Thcrapie des Asthma bronohiale," "Berliner klin.

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pleural cavity than for the exi)ansion of the lung, which is the only

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Puky, V. : " Beitrage zur Behandlung der Pleurahohlenaffection mittelst Rippen-

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section upon the occurrence of complications in jMieumonia. It is con-

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Huss do not allow of positive deductions. Among 2616 pneumonia

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pneumonia was noted 14 times to be in the stage of diffuse, well-

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The bile therefore finds its way into the radicles of the portal

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countenance, the lividity of the skin, the cold perspiration, complete

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of eucalyptus, sodium hj'posulphite ( Lance reaux), and tincture of

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monary capillaries, a reproduction of the excellent preparations by

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a grayish-red color and a very slightly granular cut surface. Almost all

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ing of the carmine more deeply than the other structures, exce[)t

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IJelvis, the pulsation of the lower part of the abdominal aorta

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condition, while a healthy lung collapses. It is evident that the

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extensive exudate not to occlusion of the pulmonary arteries, but rather

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part of small protoplasmic cells — so-called fission cells (Spaltzellen) .

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2. Asthmatic attacks are frequently the cause of emphysema,

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bronchi but undoubtedly also in the alveoli. It is certain, however,

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septic solution introduced through one of the free ends which, as it

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It is really a serious question whether the attain-

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Other obser\'ations and examination, however, leave no doubt that

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Hence it is not the finding of certain species of micro-organisms,

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by a tumour, which when cut bled without any pus escnping.

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firmed by all statistics (Gerhardt). The following are considered to

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mann* has described a number of cases in which dilatation of the lungs

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of all other forms, among which gangrene of the lung again predomi-

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a low-pitched, loud, more or less tympanitic note is obtained even

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In chronic bronchial catarrh the therapeutic indications are much

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mouth of the patient. Also change of sound with change of