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and effect. The pneumonic affection merely represents a kind of

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a hemorrhagic exudate, but to my great surprise I discovered that the

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product of the smoke which was inhaled. The influence of the latter

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fectieuses etcontagion," " Arcliives gen. de nied.," 1892, Tome i, pp. 588 et 732.

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the assumption above referred to, that elasticity continues to act as

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correspond strictly to the course of the affection, should include

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must eventuate in the filling of the lung with air whenever the dilata-

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Rational hardening of the children is more and more practisetl even

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In 1875 he had an attack of delirium tremens, and since then has suffered

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vented from doing so by the narrowing of the gut some 8 inches

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Leyden: "Ueber Pvopneumothorax tuberculosus," "Deutsche med. Wochenschr.,"

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tive differentiation is, howc\'er, not possible in all cases. It is impos-

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pneumonia complicating asccMiding paralysis. Although I was unable

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leads to engorgement of the vessels, and later on, — ^.after some hours,

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pulmonary parenchyma. The alveoli are always the seat of the affec-

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such exercise is never in the interest of the best phys-

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careful diet (milk-cure) and residence in a sanatorium are of value.

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their exfoliation ; and such indeed would be the case did they not

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blisters had the effect of removing a very large pleural effusion, the

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fields of the microscope in order to find them. (3) Drops of myelin

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said to have been given by a celebrated living physician, of heef

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left pulmonary orifice admitted three, and the right four, fingers;

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in any one of these groups. The emphysema is often overshadowed

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Senator: " Zur Kenntniss inul Behandlung des Penumothorax mit und ohne Fliis-

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