engorgement hyperemia. Of the hyperemia it is to be observed that
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existing predisposition, very apt to promote the unfavorable termi-
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distinction immediately becomes possible if exploratory puncture is
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capsulated empyema of the mediastinum was found between the
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rungen der Organe bcini Abdominaltyphus," Leipzig, 1869.
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the injured part is well described, and . . . the method of making these examinations is illus-
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course and do not produce infarction, because the embolized district
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as the heart appears embedded in the diaphragm ; in younger individuals
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In spite of other manifest signs of effusion and the existence
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more plentiful in the inter- and peri-infundibular connective tissue,
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vindergoes putrefaction. The fatal outcome is frequently preceded by
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to areas that appear colder on thermopalpation; thus, for example,
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serous, therefore, there is no urgent need of operation, especially if it
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relieved by lying on the left. A permanent cyanosis developed. The
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in the evening, which, in very sensitive patients, might continue for
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spaces of the affected side is the necessary consequence. If, on the
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lungs we find concretions in small hollow spaces in the tissue. These
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inflammatory exudates. Nevertheless Robinson has recently recom-
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attempt has been made to investigate the effects of pressure, circu-
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He will find, perhaps, at the end of an hour, not that
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system. So Forster remarks: "Microscopic examination shows al-
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and occlusion of the bronchi is, however, as true to-day as it was
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strated in two children, born in the sixth and seventh month respec-
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rarefaction possible; during expiration the pressure falls to a level deter-
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a proof that dilatation occurs. After the explanation of the ana-