thoracic cage as a whole. Ordinary vigorous inspiration is accom-

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or a small glass containing boiled water, or take a tablespoonful of

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this laborious occupation. I should like to add : Is it not likely that a

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fracture of the left clavicle, and other flesh wounds below the jaw.

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The effort to shorten and relieve the patient's attack is generally

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school. The employer obtains certificate of attend-

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methods must be employed to confirm our cHnical observations. — Ed.]

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Curschmann: " Deutsches Archiv fiir klin. Medicin," 1883, Bd. xxxii.

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previously alkaline urine. He believes this to be due to the absorption

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ciency, such as occasionally develops in the later stages of emphysema,

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* with tolerable use of the injured arm after some months.'

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form of which one can determine nothing. [It will be necessary, for

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and thickened, so that upon section through the parenchyma of the

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rion when it is necessary to differentiate atelectasis from pneumonia

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A more trustworthy, not to say absolutely indispensable, auxil-

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be ascertained by farther experiments. On injecting 4 cubic

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tion, but still more by expiratory pressure, is ine\'itable. There may

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sis, I have no doubt whatever of the previous soundness of the lungs,

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spends the night in the open, — and persons have been found dead

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gone changes in the secretion of the mucous membrane. The cells of

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elastic fibers which present the grouping of those which compose

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tion of the tissue with a coagulating exudate," or, as I should like to

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apyrexia and the more abrupt the rise of temperature after the

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C. (97.9° F.); on July 31st, a. m., 39.3° C. (102.7° F.); p. m., 36.8° C.

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constant, although it cannot be denied that in many cases of pro-

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formation. Zenker found in his case of abscess formation in pneu-

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