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effective and healthful measures to any one who carries them out

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of ten men shortly after death, and found Diplococcus pneumoniae

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that both would be increased. Geppert* studied the question on

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authorities still disagree as to whether it is to be ascribed to a spasm

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tissue that we can avoid therapeutic errors; for, except in the case of a

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iLsed in adults — necessitates the injection of 17 gm. (about fSss) of

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administered by the mouth, are recovered in large quantities and

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yellowish-brown or chocolate brown. It emits a cadaverous odor;

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sema and ordinary chronic emphysema, and the former is frequently

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be mentioned. This is an exceedingly dangerous complication. In

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Whether the difference is due to the chemical inertia of coal as com-

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seeming fairly large, the hand was carried with considerable

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is quite enough to produce the emphysema. Louis is quoted as an

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healthy and who presented the signs of a small pleural exudate,

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the lung produce a diminution of the movement of the blood through

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that, especially in the first years, a completely neutral therapy was

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Nocard's bacillus. The virulence for various animals (parrots, mice,

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large, there is an entire absence of voice resonance ; but if it be

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themselves with 0.5 to 3 c.c. of the serum taken from animals im-

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In cases in which the inflammation lasts a long time and in which

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expiratory dyspnea occurs in extensive chronic bronchitis with a

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These attacks are repeated night after night for weeks, to the despair

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heard more or less distinctly wherever bronchial breathing shows

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carbolic acid in the urine and other signs of mild intoxication, such as

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neither a positive sign of malignant disease nor a pathognomonic sign of

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be inserted in the nostrils. Ordinary commerical creosote is poured

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extremities associated with the taking of food, but also by the reflex

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the country, and remember its free and natural sports,

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bronchial spasm, sufficient to account it the sole cause of an asthmatic

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during the course of the affection, during the stage of defervescence,

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granules coalesce so that they are evenly covered by a yellow, translu-