disease, if it produces emphysema at all, does so secondarily. Can-
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lost its youthful characteristics that it is unable to return to its normal
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influence of some irritation, proliferates and sends out processes into
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common forms, there are also rare cases in which the entire cast is
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due to a febrile process. It is not cUfficult to determine the limits.
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Brixton Medical Book Society, per J. J. Puenell, Wood-
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ries, without citing an}' particular case to the point; and while
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constantly speaks of ardent fever and phrenitis together. Some
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cient warrant for an operation. Indeed, we should go further in this
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The real b(>ginning of the disease — that is, the onset from the
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intersected by fibrous or other bands, which the accumulating
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possible that identical changes in the pulmonary tissue can take place
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be nearly destroyed, while in reality the functions of the cord re-
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showed a kind of concentric stratification. At one place a group of
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recovery from the anaesthetic and the injection of the copper to
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the lower and lateral portions of the lung to a careful examination.
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November 5. — He was delirious, gradually losing his senses,
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corpuscles ; it is but a result of a disintegration of the vessels caused
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percussion over the corresponding area showed that the conditions were
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motomy. If empyema is present, this shoukl be drained first. If
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the disease, to gain an insight into the character of the real affec-
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Reclus remarks that if the foreign bod}^ becomes encysted, no opera-
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in the manner that the lower part was, vision would have prob-
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ing plug, the epithelial cells continue to grow for a certain distance
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made; only the most important may be here mentioned.
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beyond this the inflammatory engorgement; and, finally, in the sur-
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who do not possess the skill or the powers of resistance requisite for
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results. Wright and Stokes* report IG cases of fibrinous pleuritis,
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among recruits. Griindler declares that the origin of the numerous
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sar}' conditions for the formation of pus are as much hidden from our
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and high; with 'putrid exudates it is more apt to be irregular and
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described manifestations of intense asphyxia. But in most cases of
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8 P.M. — Temperature, 104°. Morphia, gr. \. Slept till lotli
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No matter, however, which form of catarrhal pneumonia exists,
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The peculiar nature of the sputum is evidently due to the fact that the
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known as yet. Nevertheless I have no doubt at all that there is a
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finest twigs of the bronchi and in the peribronchial connective tissue
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going to the intestines, it has little or no power over those supply-