s^Tnptoms, such as insidious onset and slow progress of the disease,
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acti\-ity of the myocanUum. Not only valvular lesions, but also
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gations that whenever the exudate of a pyopneumothorax produced
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* Pansch, I. c, has collectetl a number of cases presenting deviations from the
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ever, undoubtedly be established, and render feasible an abundant
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escape of air into the pleural ca^'ity. After a while the insertions of
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York Post-graduate Medical School and Hospital. With an Appendix
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Surgeon- General's Office, War Department, U.S., per
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while the predisposing factor is a nasal mucous membrane affected
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owing to their unfavorable course, furnish as large a contingent of
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proper use of his legs ; pulse 50, irregular; heart natural. Never
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pink, hyaline appearance, and not very great consistency. The other
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nervous elements and the connective corpuscles or nuclei. These
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cricket daring the whole summer term without inconven-
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of the disease and the preceding pathologic conditions; it is in no
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formation of broncholiths. Blood is also occasionally found ; and, of
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caidty. Under favorable conditions for resonance it may also be due
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disappears along with the subsidence of the primar}' disease.
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arose who might be designated the representatives of the dynamic
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is warmer than the normal, and much warmer than that part which
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At 1.6 P.M. teu minims of liquor strychniae and five of hydro-
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upper lobe. In the edematous parts Rivalta constantly found
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metrium of a woman who had died of diphtheritic endometritis, was
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resides partly in the pleura but chiefly in the exudate itself and produces
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in the pelvic cul-de-sac of the peritoneal cavity, and had not
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and are frequently seen in a condition in which it is not even possible
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occurs in pneumonia, as well as in enteric fever, in phthisis, in measles,
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esophagus and stomach, etc., although of course there is no region
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movements resembling a boxer's blows, and to lateral
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ing or sneezing. Even if this does happen, it is not difficult to reintro-