resemble enteric fever as much as possible, we have to do only with

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the blood, the amount of blood in the suddenly expanded lung cannot,

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An equal degree of displacement is rarely noted in pleurisy. This

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dexamethasone during pregnancy

unless inspection has been very careful, the tracing becomes quite

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bronchitis. I do not believe that such cases as these are sufficienth'

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during nearly the whole of the second third, when it begins to diminish

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according to recent experience, that an atypical and not a croupous

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dexamethasone use in pregnant cows

** Centralhl. j. Baktcriol. u. Parasitcnkundc, Bd. xv, 1894, p. 428.

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ease is in the stage of hepatization. The fact that this \ddening is

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Even when a patient is unconscious, he will swallow liquid food if it is

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which had been stationed for six years at a Mediterranean port,

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pharyngo-laryngeal, bronchial ; to which are added the dyspeptic, the

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of the public in reference to the danger of the communicabilit)^ of

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of variable size, mostly circular or oval in shape, with a smooth

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statements in reference to this. I, for my part, think that the defini-

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In W. P., temperature in rectum, ic6°; body feels very hot, but

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will lead to the conclusion that fluids have entered the lungs, although

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not taken place, in spite of several symptoms being present in associa-

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small, there may be a bronchophonic character communicated

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tissue in the diseased portions which is associated with these phe-

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i. The febrile state precedes convulsion. The convulsions forbode

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d^^^ The antimony preparations act in a similar way. After learn-

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tion with disease of the lungs, which make a previous syphilitic infec-

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oxysms of cough, and sometimes even a disturbing thirst is not

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fistula, appears to me to be in direct contradiction to the mechanism

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'' The surgeon had not acknowledged his negligence and the patient

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forming the neuroglia, and have continued to grow simply as

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ment in suitable cases demand its more extensive use in private practice,

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to micturate, but had urgent desire to do so. He had fallen

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appearance of tliis symptom, the same author shows that herpes occurs

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of all the subjective and objective signs in the lungs does not in itself

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larger volume of the lung. As at each inspiration the intrapleural

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to our attention again by artificial means. It is always a valuable

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will be found for each ^'ariety. For the present we have the follow-

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will still have to leave undecided whether in the latter a Sunday

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that is, under the influence of minute stinuili, — of developing energies

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who are constantly emjjloj^ed in the open air. Likewise women re-