physematous condition in the lungs (see also p. 281). On staining
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has revived the operation of paracentesis of the membrane for
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one had to deal with acute dilatation of the stomach, or the sudden
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occurred during the night between the tenth and eleventh days of
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these places. It is astonishing how soon this simple mode of
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sion felt underneath an abscess in the thoracic wall, similar to the
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less, moreover, in those cases in which the abscess is the result of
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tism, by means of the Exteinal Application of Cold, p. 43.
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process of disintegration in the lungs had meanwhile become so
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and we find in his "Clinique medicale" two very fine examples de-
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losis and bronohiootasis are placed in opposition to each other, as if a
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Without any doubt in such cases it is a question of a peculiar pneu-
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diaphragm drawing the air outward into the lower portions of the
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In animals killed later (twelve to twenty-four hours after cutting
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which consisted of a hard, soUd piece of flesh-colored substance which was
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The thermometer is of the greatest possible assistance in
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Sticker 's| theory of a causal connection between atrophy, or dry
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this labyrinth of symptoms will eventually be found.
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their forms homogeneous, brightly granular deposits which are not
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With the aid of a stethographic examination and certain other ob-
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although Stokes positively maintained it to be a fact. " He absolutely
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Parola expressly declares, belong to the malattie communissime, and
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and a portion of the same, where the wall was thicker, showed a discolored
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all the rules required for a correct bacteriologic investigation, suc-
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These authors were able to obtain pure cultures of these micro-
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onset of the affection, the entering air must break up the narrow open-
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b}' puncture must be carefull)'' examined as to its odor, because the
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closure of the puncture^ wound, we are in the habit of using trocars of
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1. The absence of any evidence of direct injury to the supra
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It is met most commonly in tuberculosis; it also occurs in chronic