Orton, G. H., 30 Lower Phillimore Place, Kensington, W.
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every way ; he could speak and swallow fairly, and there seemed
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difficulty or impossibility of their expulsion, become the cause of
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new-born. Marked increase in the celkilar elements of the adventitia,
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to end fatallv with delirium and acute heart failure^. Death from
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thelium, which is much more resistant than the squamous form.
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Another masked form consists in attacks of apprehension, which,
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The penetration of corpuscular elements into the pulmonary tissue
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Cerebral Hemorrhage.— l\lniphysematous patients often complain
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of the thorax ; and certain forms of stenosis of the larger air-passages
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operative region and in an operative subject, the diagnosis is suffi-
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that the bile is made in the liver, because towards the end of the
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The differential diagnosis from tuberculosis, which was formerly
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ulcer in the bronchial wall in connection with a calcified bronchial gland.
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It has already been stated that serous and purulent fluids may
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area, bring on symptoms of collapse. If the emboli are small, dele-
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materially elaborated, especially by Schede.^' Schede's operation fulfils
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after the sixth, seventh, and eighth pregnancies. — Ed.]
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times, once with a fatal issue. In the latter case there was at the
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dant accumulation of inflammatory products; the fluitl may be light
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Difficulties analogous to those present in pneumotyphus also
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ining the throat, found nothing more than the usual appearances
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acute pleuro-pulmonary attack. Three weeks afterward there were
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of the lungs, or in postmortem engorgement with serum. The color
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ence upon the formation of infarcts than experimentally introduccnl
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the assumption above referred to, that elasticity continues to act as
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pleural layeis, and thus hindering the escape of air.
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with by the obstacle applied to the mouth. It is to be noted, how-
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Czernicki: "Des effets du pneumothorax," etc., "Gaz. hebdom.," 1872, No. 29.
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a poison having an action similar in some respects to that of
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anatomic lesion. I mean the evenly distributed granular appearance
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the two factors which work together; stenosis is necessary, because it
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