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with their wrists drooping like those of a kangaroo
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a small soft tumor in the left infraclavicular region. The tumor rapidly
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expansion of the lung and a marked lessening of the secretion will be
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different forms of inflammation pre\'iously mentioned. A primary
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which in the strictest sense represent a variable function of the nervous
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pulmonary vessels, which I maintain is the direct cause of throm-
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Another difficulty is that unless the patient has been examined
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that pulmonary phthisis with its self-evident criterion, the tubercle
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mation, we may conclude that the formation of abundant granula-
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* Brcslauer arztliclic Zeitschrift, ix, 1887 f Dent. Arch, fur klin. Med., vol. Lil.
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wall of the thorax was a conspicuous, fluctuating prominence about the
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and began to discharge. Shortly afterwards two openings were
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done by excessive urging or over-driving of children
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tions in the blood-vessels which may form in the submucous tissue
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violent delirium, with confusion and hallucinations. Continued one
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The authors of former centuries, from the time of Hippocrates,
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The cjuestion in regard to the condition of the bronchi is not }'et
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solely by the coagulation of the inflammatory plasma, and that the
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The treatment, so far as is possible, should be directed toward removal
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the equilibrium characteristic of living tissue or is even in a condition
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cribed to local conditions, which permit the localization and increase
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tissue had not been sufficiently considered; the importance of the
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wise healthy can follow his trade without injury to his health.
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artery and escapes directly into the alveoli — is in most cases to be
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on account of its independent onset, and partly on account of the more
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definite conclusion can, however, in our opinion, be arrived at, because
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requires repetition, but we have been prevented from repeating
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single species is difficult to demonstrate. Kreibich found, for instance,
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attitude. An emphysematous patient is thus frequently found sitting