dividual experience is sufficient to form the basis of an opinion ; hence
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11.30 A.M. — Is rather drowsy and face dusky. One and a half
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it ? Again, Dr. Mason seems to infer the urine was lying only
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ination of the sputum must, of course, be taken into account.
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MiLNER, E., 32 New Cavendish Street, Portland Place, W.
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statement, the microbes contained in the air we breathe do not
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of the lung the infiltrate is thick, small-celled, as in bronchopneu-
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iodoform, for instance, which acts so admirabl}^, can be directly ap-
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and the symptoms of stasis may be altogether wanting. In addition
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himself justified in a pathologic-anatomic sense to bring u]) the ques-
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through the middle of the shank, as is one which was found in
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reported. As early as 1703 Ramazzini reported the autopsy of
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them florid ; skin everywhere injected, mottled, livid ; tem-
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and with normal or nearly normal temperature, the phenomenon is of
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tion of the tissue occurred. This condition, in contradistinction to
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Jaffe: "Ueber subphrcnische Abscesse, nebst Bemerkungcn iiber die Operation des
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^" Funke, Lehrb. d. Phy.?., Leipzig, 1S60, Bd. i. p. 246.
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236. — " Einige Bemerkungen iil)er das Auftreten des Herpes," "Archiv der Heil-
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The open hand being laid on the limb, a peculiar purring
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upper lobe, was in the first stage of inflammation. The clinical
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space, and a transformation, if not a substitution of the alveolar
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According to the generally accepted doctrine, hydrothorax can
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examine at first (with reference to one accustomed to the ophthal-
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entire extent are filled with nuicopurulent masses, which entirely
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appeared. The surrounding parts of the lung show themseh-es to
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The growth of the tooth keeps pace with this absorption, and the
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the expression of a superficial form of pulmonary abscess, it is im-
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is necessary that we assume a specific cause. Croupous pneumonia
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The ^dew of v. Jiirgensen, that the geographic distribution of
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which reaches different points of the body at the same time calls forth a
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Canada, the northwest, in the summer; western North CaroUna,
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excellent Manual of the art it teaches." — Prof. J. Snydam Knox, Rush
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Eeports, the suggestion made by Dr. Einger, to use the ordinary
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The mechanism is usually as follows: A small opening is formed
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of the lungs which lias been lost through local inflannuatory and
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Phrenitis, -which cannot be subdued, ends in lethargus (phrenitis