of the pleura or forming a plastic exudate, an abnormal space which would
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To these changes in the bronchial wall and in the bronchial lumen
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iiber Pneumonic-Infection," "Deutsches Archiv fiir klin. Medicin," 1887,
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influence on the heart which always attends hydrotherapeutic |)ro-
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must be accompanied by a corresponding increase in the tonus of the
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A Pronouncing Lexicon of Medical Words Specially Adapted for
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vestigation of its physiological action, so as to ascertain not only
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should be done in an emergency is very valuable. Such -\ handbook should be
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In all these observations onh- certain points on the thoracic wall,
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movements and in the occurrence of cough and pulmonary edema
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the walls of the alveoli together after each expiration; otherwise it
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182. Xeubauer und Vogel: "Analyse des Harns," Wiesbaden, 1863.
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alkaline lotions, cocain carefully, or suprarenal extract.
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Considerable force exerted, and hand only passed after rupture
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to me that only the excessive, long-continued use of brandy is of im-
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causing widespread peritonitis. By muscular movements the pins
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"The only conclasion which mav be drawn from these differences is
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and intermittent fever. In the first-mentioned disease the occur-
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of these cases the sensitive region lies A\ithin the realm of vagus in-
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salicylates, which tends to check the sweat secretion, and by sponging
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The author has given a notable and lasting contribution to surgery."
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according to the region from which the exciting cause emanates, nasal,
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not be forgotten, however, that calcification may constitute the
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corner lot, with free exposure to wind and sun, and
of changes in the kings was ahvays a preceding disease of the bronchi;
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drinking alkaline waters, and in chronic conditions this is by far the
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the pathology of catarrhal ])neumonia (p. 551) ; they are illustrated
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as in many other severe febrile infectious diseases, is due to the action
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in the beginning of the disease, moderately large doses of calomel,
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It may be assumed that the elastic tissue possesses greater firmness in