ment of the appetite and power of digestion. Both processes, the chem-

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clean. Ten grains of calomel at the onset, dr}^ on the tongue and

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by mechanical interruption. I saw a marked pulmonary venous

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development of dyspnea, the high fever, the absence of cardiac and

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Among internal remedies potassium iodid should be considered; in

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surface, some at least of those bodies have been removed from

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be continuous, lasting several daj-^s, and — provided death does not oc-

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VI. THE WINTER AND ITS DANGERS. By Hamilton Osgood, m.d.,

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the disease they cannot live long. He thinks pneumotomy should

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then, may be conceived to be that atelectasis is followed by paren-

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tion. In tuberculosis of the upper lobes the glands are relatively

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chest-wall is sufficiently diminished to allow the layers of the pleura

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to a point one inch above the xiphoid cartilage, when the promi-

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not be performed. Of 59 collected operations, 21 died. Quincke's

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or a small glass containing boiled water, or take a tablespoonful of

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obtained at the autopsy, and to prove its complete identity with

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Henoch has called attention to the fact that in such cases there

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Excellent as this sharp differentiation may be in theory, it must

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dium. A small quantity of turbid serum in pericardial cavity.

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Unfortunately this sign is not quite trustworthy, because similar

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cells). Part of these pigment cells show the eosinophile granules, but

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Here we are dealing with a change of the adventitia which agrees

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cases be sufficient to accomplish a cure. For, as long as no

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as fibrin-clots or shreds of pus, by the simple procedure of inserting the

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exudate, for spontaneous resorption may occur even when the cel-

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Nauwerck has analyzed 29 cases of meningitis occurring in the

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10.15. — Temperature, 103°. Morphia, gr. ^. Gmit brandy.

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patient; on the other hand, a beautiful metallic echo (after-sound) was

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think, be accepted as a type of this class. The stools are some-

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I therefore consider stenosis and continuous excess of pressure

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in one case jactitation; later, seA'ere delirium and attempts at flight.

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These investigations, therefore, prove that the atmospheric air in

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respiratory apparatus (the lungs, the pleural sacs, and the constric-