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loosely, and I am convinced that it is not infrequently incorrectly

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hours. Seventh day, 9 A.M., half comatose ; pupils dilated ;

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hy the Eustachian tube nor bursts through the membrane, but

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sufficient to fix the percentage in which a rapid narrowing of

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more or less pronounced predisposition to emphysema. But no

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the other hand, however, it cannot be asserted that in cases in which

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The second day, in the morninf^, seemed better, yet vomited

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whereas just those parts of the surface of the lung which have been

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question of black pigment, but ]:)Ossibly of inhaled coal-dust. The

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kind and size by a ligature around the large vessels as they

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which in strong patients may be done in the sitting, in weak patients in

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were complied with," but that, at the same time, other points must be

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both swollen and hyperasmic, presenting active changes. The

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Febrile changes are quite usually present in the capillary bron-

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***The immediate success of Dr. Fullerton's " Handbook of

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to render this common, and those who are most familiar with

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anterior extremity of the first rib, where the upper margin of the

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absent. And as in other cases, particularly in tuberculous plastic

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remained at the lower part of each. The trouble with his urine

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for such processes to become effective — are very numerous.

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primary cancer of the lungs, on which he performed the autopsy in

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dots in the gelatinous ground-mass are not black, but brownish-

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thelium, which is much more resistant than the squamous form.

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technical terms, as the author plainly states that it is for the use of ' women who

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became pale, and apparently there was no difference between

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Remarks. — The case was a typical one of that chronic form of

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to become cold. He was freely sponged all over with ice-cold

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Another sound that belongs to this class of ])h{uiom(Mia is that first

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differentiate between the two varieties of crepitation in practice ap-

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cludes the cases in which from one cause or another air ceases to enter