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is, a disease in which by our methods of investigation there appears to

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rassed, local blood-letting or general venesection is resorted to. In

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have before us a special form, which needs special therapeutic

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sided empyema the inferior and lateral boundary is formed by the

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production of a purulent process depends on the number and viru-

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The one-sided theory is therefore quite as erroneous as the one-sided

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8.30 P.M. — Patient in great distress, groaning and moaning.

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deleterious cause had been removed the cerebral symptoms dis-

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tioned causes which have preceded these events in many instances.

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Wochen lang bestehender Obstructions-Atelektase," " Miinchner med. Woch-

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FiirstJ also asserts that the thorax in young children never, and

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Alfred Holder. The careful perusal of this report entitles me to agree

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Pathologic Anatomy. — The pathologic findings are ver}^ few. The

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Respiration is so slow that I have often been able to record the flatten-

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four years of age she went through a puerperium which was complicated

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ptomains which are the cause of the paralysis, and that they, by

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follow the later communications referred to by me :

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cially necessary. Any irregularities in the expected fall in the tem-

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pose to asthma, it is equally certain that the same conditions may lead

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Traube believes that the plugs at first consist chiefly of pus cor-

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Course. — The idiopathic form of broncliitis fibrinosa is usually a

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special motive — the following diseases of the lungs:

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To recapitulate once more, the enlargement of the thoracic cavity

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Double pleurisy is frequently observed in experiments on animals,

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Deutsche vied. Wochenschrift, No. 38, 1891, p. 1085.

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through the tracheal wound, and these attempts should be recom-

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of brain. The fluid found in ventricles was slightly acid ; it con-

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reaction, although in the various forms of reaction only a very small

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process of staining and clearing, as recommended by Dr. Lockhart

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spleen or liver to become enlarged, and that these organs con-

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chronic encysted pleural effusion, based on the physical signs and the

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Griffon % have found in animals suffering from experimental chronic

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slightest idea that it is extremely dangerous to life to expose them-