air-passages, must be inquired into, which in themselves are already
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^ See Path, Catalogue, Royal Coll. Surg., vol. iii. ; history of spec. 1 185.
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sewer-gas intoxications. This analogy is so conspicuous that any
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there was no difference whatever in the frequency of the disease on
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increased when heavier weights are applied, and contracts to a corre-
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volume by means of the Hutchinson spirometer. If the volume corre-
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squeezing as it were the teeth out of their sockets. The first is
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plicated by delirium tremens, then for the most unfavorable year
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farther with the investigation, and the hand was accordingly
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tion. [Suppression of breath sounds, moist rales, and impaired
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brane, or the functional activity of the ciliated epithelium has been
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ally, however, it becomes displaced downw^ard along with the descent
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and vital capacities are normal, although the boundaries of the lungs
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meningitis occurs as a complication, I use, as I always do in treat-
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phthisis of the lungs, attributed the peculiar predisposition of the
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Pneumonic sputum and pains in the side were present, but the dul-
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result of the too great taking of fluids. [In some years colitis has
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placed downward. Bamberger accordingly found that a needle in-
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cutaneous injections of camphor solution will prove advantageous.
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and buttocks, and almost always indicates a distinct loss of strength.
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in mind that the insertions of the diaphragm at the xiphoid cartilage
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process, as indicated by the fact pointed out by D. Gerhardt, that old
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261. — " Das Vcrhalten der Eigenwarme in Krankheiten," 2. Aufl., 1870.
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pression at each inspiration, but in spite of this source of error the
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Waldenburg," Hamburg, 1877, the coarser errors of that author are
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ence of an active tonus and that the inspiratory expansion does not
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It so nearly resembles the ordinary scrofulous periostitis of ribs,
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primary cause of the affection, we must direct our efforts against the
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other hand, no one will doubt that cases of very different etiology,
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w^alls of the cavity, which may then contain some coagulated blood.
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distention could be effected only by abolition of the vital tonus. The