Henke asserts that the position of equilibrium of the thorax coincides

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assist the treatment by a stay at one of the different health resorts.

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the upper part of the body assumes, we find that the

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noire, etc., Paris, 1821, p. 21. Audral (Clinique med., Paris, 1S39, t. ii. p. 287)

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some instances sets up fresh and serious local inflammation ;

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Respiratory gymnastics are best carried on where the air is pure

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an hour he went to sleep, and slept until morning. On waking he stared

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degree of bulging is synchronous with cardiac systole and arterial

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occluded bronchus the secretion collects so as to cause a very con-

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•with a solution of Condy's fluid. Oiled lint reapplied. Half a

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through a spiral tube of this kind, it must necessarily assume a spiral

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William Boon, set, 27, applied at the Aural Department


,,that they have neither a crepitant nor a ringing character [non-

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seems to be very much the more dangerous to the health,

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when the patient first goes to bed, tortures him unceasingly, and

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localities that are distinguished from the rest of Germany by their

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bei Function des Thorax," etc., " Charite-.\nnalen," 187S, m.

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Haughton, James: " Encyklopadie der praktischen Medicin," German translation bv

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space increases the pain. This does not contradict the statement

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That such an obliteration takes place has also been presumed by

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gen when the respiration was mechanically obstructed. The results

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and others, again, speak of sclerotic cbnditions of the lungs; indeed,

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work, they should change their outer clothes, and a

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production is not always necessarily inimical to the secretion of

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X Virchow's Archiv, vol. ci. § Yirchow's Archiv, vol. lxxxii, 1882.

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mend the employment of insufflation; the danger of producing inter-

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by the irritated tissue. Accordingly, it makes its way into the reserve

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Fernet: "Pleuresie sero-fibrineuse avec bacilles d'Eberth," "Soc. m^d. des hop.,"

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the lung, or as a diffuse pulmonary tuberculosis; or one finds no