retic reasoning about the nature of a crepitant rale may in practice be
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perience, where similar foreign bodies have failed to cause patho-
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A consideral)le number of investigations are added to this com-
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bacilli in an undoubted case of simple bronchial catarrh, I came to
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accordingly, stated by Riegel that in men with chronic catarrh of the
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Fiirbringer: " Klinische Beobachtungen iiljer den Werth der Punctionsmethoden
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attacks, 16 three attacks, 3 four attacks, and 2 five attacks. [Nine-
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many could walk five miles a day, and be the better
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during beginning tuberculosis, from which the patient later recovers?
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catarrh must be looked upon often as a terminal infection, whether
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neither v. Zeimssen nor Bartels were able to find. The pathogenesis,
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some time, say two or three days; then we also find cr}'stals which are
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July 27, 1876. — I examined the boy. He had played at
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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Post-octavo ; 500 pages, with full-page
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sected from the vertebral end of the rib which touches the wound, on ac-
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of these points. We say that " worry " kills a man;
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plished by means of an open fistulous tract. The operation should
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series of cases. It is a procedure that is always proper unless the
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ing an abnormal new-formation of blood-vessels and giving rise to a
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recommended in summer and under favorable circumstances. The
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girls ; but younger girls, in my opinion, ought not to
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coarse and their peripheral sections still contain some air in spite of
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Wilmot, Thomas, Library, St. Bartholomew's Hospital
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year has a special tendency to pass into the third stage. This
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appearance of herpes upon his upper lip, and asked where \vas the
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but to a certain nervous disposition. It is often observed in hysteric
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7. Bronchitis occurring in infectious diseases*: measles, small-
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Bence Jones,3 who says that the bile begins to pass out of
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tubercular infiltration. I have, in the course of my hospital practice,
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" Every surgical incident which can occur during or after typhoid fever is amply discussed and
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tion have not been entir(>ly removed by the great number of experi-
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discoloration some days or so after the operation, I would ask
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The more frequent occurrence of pulmonary inflammations in