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from the oral ca^^ty. The narcosis removes the barrier between

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to the bronchi leading to the enlargement, and thus the bronchi-

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of mercury, while in quiet expiration it does not exceed 2 or 3 mm.

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absorption and is the best means of restoring the patient's strength

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very hard, white and yellow, marked with white lines into poly-

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of dyspnea. At this critical juncture it appeared imperative to dis-

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wall and the edema diminish, the contractions of the respiratory

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was a piece about two inclies long that was of a dark green tint from

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of different grades in the embolized district up to a t>-j)ical hemor-

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Pef: " Echinococcus Cvst of Lungs Simulating Acute Pneumonia," "Berl. klin.

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other. If, therefore, they interfere chiefly with expiration, they

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prognostic estimation. In the absence of delirium, and if there be

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negative, several attempts to cultivate the bacteria, as well as micro-

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disc. The vision of the patient is generally impaired, sometimes

ranitidine 150 mg tablet used for

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the pleuritis. In the first week of illness the pleurisy with friction

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explanations offered by Trau))e and Lewin cannot be accepted as

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the signs of a catarrh — feeble breathing, with moist rales. This, in

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appearance is observed in the lower portions in the latter disease. This

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doses of morphia were required before any relief was obtained.

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pneumothorax is produced; this may, however, also be formed with-

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of discomfort for the patient. Cold compresses, however, changed

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Regional Anatomy in its Relations to Medicine and Surgery.

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neuritis and retinitis. There have been similar changes in the

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cently seen by the editor, in which the joints simulated in appearance

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taken into account. In the first place, the hemorrhagic infarct gen-

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contains infectious material; hence in this case also simple infarcts

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trachea is e\ddent. But when the latter are free from disease, the

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the ty])hoid bacillus, and the bacilli did not lose their motility. On