laries is probably of very small significance (compare p. 261). The
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'!"() physicians of approved credit any hook or books on our list will he
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abdomen were adherent to each other, and to the peritoneal lin-
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at, because the chances for complete recovery after resection are
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ation of a very large exudate much more blood can find its w^ay to
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adhesions between the inferior and superior cavse. There are
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whelming occurrence of aspiration pneumonia in children born of
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This -work represents the practical operative experience of the author for the
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dominates. The first form causes more hemoptysis and is limited
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which he belie\'ed justified him in stating that whenever the propor-
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may be seen in tapping the abdomen for ascites, where the contents
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rearrangement or change in combination of tho component parts of
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be gi\'en. If the mucus accumulates again, after it has been re-
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To-day toward morning he perspired very much, so that he had to change
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capillaries is completed only after the degeneration of the epithelium
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pneumonic lung, two pregnant animals shortly after aborting. The one
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of a high temperature may lead to the production of accidental murmurs
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classes return, for the most part, to the use of lighter
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[Strongly irritating particles or vapors may act as direct ex-
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It is quite generally known that almost all shades of
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the respiratory movements became weaker or entirely abolished when
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diaphragmatic dome is not practicable, nor would it be of any special
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With reference to pathogenesis, next to the entrance of oral
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includes resection of one or two ribs and cannot be performed without
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tive pneumonia in the following appropriate manner: "The disease
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fests itself particularly in an increased activity of the sound side.
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which appears in connection with already present tuberculous infiltra-
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left of the sternum, the greater part to the right ; pericardium ad-
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of normal size, mostly black near the center and intensely red on
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right side of his chest, and opened the mouth for air. When he
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A more marked cyanosis of the face develops in the higher grades
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occurs frefjuontly in normal man. He thinks that the cause of
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and in December 80% ■ The total number of recruits equaled only
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vented from spreading beyond the point originally attacked.
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at the edges of the lung, and may be characterized by the formation
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the following cases illustrate certain causes that do not apply to
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merely a temporary and not a permanent loss of tonus. It is, in