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was decreased. If, however, the days upon which the defervescence
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liver dulness begins, and on the left side, by means of deep percussion,
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as hypertrophic forms in contradistinction to senile or atrophic em-
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oxyphilic cells are found in the fibrin clumps in the sputum of fibrinous
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extremely slow. It is certainly the quickest and most convenient
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Letulle: "Sur une complication rare de la pleuresie purulente," "Semaine med.,"
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The treatment is unfortunatel}' symptomatic, unless one is in-
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the bronchi. Here the}' establish themselves and cause enlargement
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addition to changes of the respiratory murmur going on to bronchial
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by the action of the exudate, the higher will be the pressure of the
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exclusively to dilatation of the alveolar capillaries; some blood must
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also have a tendency to lead to irregular and at times even charac-
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then presents diffuse condensing fibrotic changes. — Ed.]
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It is hardly necessary to mention that if the tongue becomes dry,
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percentage. I myself in the 253 cases, in almost all of which an
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be had if the lung process were considered to be one of many mani-
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level of the alveolar process. The woodcut, taken from a prepara-
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in the first place, to determine in these convulsions, which arise in
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experiments, and to substantiate my former opinion in reference to
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be due to the fact that the same amount of blood flows through the re-
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weights, the effort incident to labor and to defecation, violent exer-
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become displaced into the epigastrium is, in my opinion, possible only
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by incision, which Ijoth for the layman antl for the physician possesses
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pleural cavity by resection of the rib. Some days after this had
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grenous sputum, because they appear to dissolve in the gangrenous
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conclusion as Hoffmann with regard to the theory that traction by
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cates a complete occlusion (encapsulation), and a quantity varying
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of view, as internal pericarditis, which has a number of symptoms in
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These conspicuous differences between the results obtained upon
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the rectum. The patient, w^ho was a big, powerful, and -svell-
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the other of these abnormalities.** The question of the presence or
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vented from their being developed in an abnormal position, whereby