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The reason, for instance, that in many cases of phthisis the pleural
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collected from different quarters and different points of view. The
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caused by stasis of the secretion, and in complete closure of the
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tion in an injured blood-vessel. The contents of every alveolus
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respect are discussed at some length by Sibson.* It seems to me
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concludes from all of these facts that the Charcot-Leyden crj^stals are
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can always be detected even under unfavorable circumstances, and
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^^dual investigators var}^ between 15% and 30%. Marfan states
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Without very decidedly defending the alveolar origin of primary
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The digestive organs show their part in the affection, as in all
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pulmonary tissue, described so far, are associated with a series of
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regulation is a little startling, and obliges us to infer
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embolism of the ])ulmonary artery. He contends that the following
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depends on the strength of the intrapleural stimulus which reinforces
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ing for the canal of the gut with the tips of the fingers. Fingers
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report, they claim that a public school building in a
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if not absolutely counterindicated by the general condition, may
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proved immediately after inflation, as on the flrst occasion, the
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that this peculiar lever-like action is merely the result of dislocation of
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in the infiltrated parts of the upper lobe and in the entire lower lobe
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pared with it, one is forced to the conclusion that in a very short
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the coagulability of the blood (injection of fibrin ferment) in connec-
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The acorn-shell was coughed up six weeks after the accident, and nine
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''In cases of marked atrophy with pronounced ozena of the nose
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such a supposition is founded on clinical observations, as will be ex-
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contrary, the patients assert that the concussion is agreeable and
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ening of the outer surface of the pericardium or the segments of the
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the death of the debihtated patient, and in another case made it
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