Liebermeister, upon the basis of statistics of 824 cases, which

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mucous, scanty, and very tough; it is the sputum crudum of the older

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of venesection which has been definitely solved by Dietl, it is that

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nuclear bodies are seen in the nuclei. But there is'hardly an alveolus

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Primary and compensatory emphysema together form a sub-

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Archer, John, Carpenter Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham

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stage, and this suffices to establish the diagnosis.

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the demands of surgery, so far as regards the bladder, would be

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plishment, be treating the lesion as the pedicle is dealt with in

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loosely may attribute emphysema to almost anything. But a similar

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Cayley: "Trans. Path. Soc," vol. xxxv, 1884, p. 12. The lower lobe of the left lung

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axilla, and the first needle of all extracted was also surrounded

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is formed which may be quite considerable and is due to relaxation

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diminished, as irritation of its trunk had less effect upon the heart

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inflammation of the Braine, or the Membranes or Kells of it, with

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Pneumothorax may also be combined with pulsating pleurisy. It

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OUR HOMES. With Illustrations. By Henry Hartshorne, M. D.,of Phil

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per cent. But taking the last fifty-two cases, which was the

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even each year up to the tenth should be considered by itself.

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much retracted, or that deposits an(l adhesions of relatively large

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Principal treatment. — Morphia hypodermically. Ice-bag to

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not to send her out in the hottest part of the day. W. P. was

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to the degree of elasticity necessary to bring about a condition of

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"This book marks an (.-poiii in American book-making. All in all, the book is distinctly the

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Into the cavity itself no artery could be traced, but the ascend-

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hypostatic pneumonia: "The air contents disappear entirely, the

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pharyngeal spaces, there appear in rare cases in the pulmonary tissue

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It is often very difficult to recognize the complication of a

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Purulent sputum: The color is no longer whitish, and there is no

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distended with blood. He concluded from this that the infarct repre-

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