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A later description of the causes of gangrenous processes in the lungs
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mata) in the alveolar wall, with the hyaline plates of the adjacent
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The bladder and rectum natural. The ovaries show small
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tively, prevents the permanent distention of the pulmonary tissue
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centers. The atheroma, the fever, the deficient nutrition, a certain
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a large enough field of operation in 19 cases ; resection of several ribs
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tory tract with aspirated water, because this bacillus exists in water.
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represent a thrombus for the torn alveolar capillaries. Also the fur-
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The symptoms observed immediately after the accident, which
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Moore: "Trans. Path. Soc," vol. xxxii, p. 33, 1881.
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severity of the affection and its influence upon the action of the heart
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the other hand, Renk found fat occasionally in the sputum of
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camphor solution, — and of 12 eg. (2 grains) morphin besides. After half
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Quality of the Air. — It is well to have the inlet of
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and the contest began. His antagonist being the better man,
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stage of cholera. Here, also, recovery may occur with decrease in
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the old are almost certain to carry with them the probability that
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lungs, and by a cough of peculiar timbre, which they call timbre
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' the general system is most powerful in producing icterus;' and
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plasm, fibrin, and connective tissue are colored reddish, and mucin a
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things, which was also displayed by the patient, would be caitsed
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These are only a few out of the many cases which I might have
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To make two openings is absolutely useless when a single one
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lungs are pigmented black, as is proved by autopsy and by the color
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disease of the pulmonary tissue, possessing a special tendency to the
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sels, nerves, esophagus), may exist in these conditions, and that in
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In addition to spirometry we have pneumatometry.t In healthy