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forearm upon the bedcovers, convulsions with slight remissions,

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It is at once evident that diseases confined to circumscribed areas

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2. Primary fibrinous bronchitis may be caused by the Loffler

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sons between these cases and the experimental cases. The isolated

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In the first two experiments I found little difficulty in

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In the main, Grisolle is correct when he declares that mensura-

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serum between the two layers of the pleura. Its presence does not

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may be inferred that the exudate is quite large, or that the lung is

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expiratory dyspnea occurs in extensive chronic bronchitis with a

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vealed by the autopsy or by the broncholith being accidentally

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channels, and usually very gradually, after certain changes have taken

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body; speaks a short sentence now and then. On loth day,

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is no doubt that under certain circumstances the pigment ma}- be

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stages it is not affected, and one sees plenty of obese sufferers from the

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True dislocation of the heart by the mere accumulation of air even

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bubbles. This frothy sputum is not peculiar to asthma, but occurs

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monum. According to Merkel, this kind of pneumonokoniosis is one

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patients and for those with a tendency to constipation and hemor-

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entirelv settled. From the experiments of Weigert and the finchngs

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A group which is always named in the first rank, but is very badly

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chitis arises mostly in the smallest bronchioles, where they open into

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Sudden death is not a very rare occurrence. It is brought about

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or on account of the saccular nature of the cavities, finds an oppor-

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In the case described on page 629 in the discussion on aspiration

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exacerbation. The disease may drag on in this way for months or

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frequently, a bronchial catarrh may develop, which w^ould therefore

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avoided. Among the sources of error the most important are edema

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the lungs, as described at the beginning of this section and also on

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Pneumonie," "Archiv tier Heilkunde," 1876, Bd. xvii, p. 185.

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ration. Lastly, I will maloB some remarks on cases where certain

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