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phies of the liver and, spleen, in chronic rheumatism, malarial fever with
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to 3 hours, cartilage in 4j4 hours, and tendon, well cooked, in
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rior of fine, brown, motile granules in the form of pigment, and
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typhoid picture is not so frequently seen, and we may have twenty or
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Local Causes. — (1) Occupation. — Persons whose employment exposes
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doses of the iodides saved him. How many such cases are
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inhalation of simple or medicated steam are useful measures. Then,
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Fig. 39 represents a steel-clad portable tub, made by the manufac-
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macaroni is made from wheat flour. Both of the above analyses, as far as
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cines in Gout — Piperazine and Pichi in Gout — Thyroid Extract causing
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the stomach to be restored to a nearly normal condition, free from fer-
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are in the shape of a truncated cone, as to form of melon." I
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well, who had studied medicine with my father, graduated
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definite information. As is well known to you, the difference between
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puration. Its being straight is objectionable sometimes.
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be attem jted. In this envelopment the patient is to remain an hour,
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the blood in normal conditions; when the bronchi are loaded with
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condition generally spoken of as appendicitis more common
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distance of several feet. In the very severe cases every two or three
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" The idio-imbecile, who, as the name implies, partakes of
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the outside of the seam of the can, and no low-grade tin
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ler, is proved by the sense of pressure on the head experienced in a
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If eaten in large quantities, some of it must pass into the blood
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cooling down of the body, which often does not terminate until half an
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Diagnosis. — The prevalence of an epidemic in which the cases pre-
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sure. It is, however, confessedly difficult to diagnose between the intra-
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found in tuberculous growths varies within wide extremes. In general
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This testimony from a man who said three years previously* that " the
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Hi]>i)ocratcs and Livius ret'ci- to an epidemic in 412 H.C..
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opposition to the cold bath in typhoid fever was manifested on senti-
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which show that under the expectant treatment of 11,124 cases the
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blood in joyous currents through his sluggish circulatory apparatus.