nous tissues from a lack of glycogenic matter so necessary to
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beds, dusting and sweeping the rooms of patients, are most exposed ;
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here is simple : the full dose drives the blood to the surface
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moist rales). 3Iiliary tuberculosis rarely develops as either a complica-
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These are the views of probably our foremost thinker on
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lentlessly and stealthily it often creeps upon us. He had not
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Nut, Hicoria alba, known as the bull nut, etc. ; the Pignut,
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meeting this symptom are the bromids, hyoscyamus, the persistent use
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and Budd is a late one of good quality. Apricots are raised
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the hot bath, no bad symptom occurred. On the contrary, his observa-
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cases the chief morbid lesions are confined to the large intestines. In
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only to the poor patients, but to the surgeons and all those
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made it very probable by comparative experiments that the changes
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producing the predicrotic oscillation, while its return was completed
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of this was that in my day students probably heard most fre-
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effect. Bismuth in full doses is useful'(3ss— j — 2.0-4.0 every two hours).
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syphilis, chronic rheumatism, gout, tuberculosis, organic disease of the
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perature poorly, and in others baths with intestinal antiseptics and other
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be observed in carrying out this mode of treatment as in the acute forms
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lumbar pains. Instead of the usual severe rigor, repeated chills, ex-
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treatment for typhoid fever, and whenever a departure is made from
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live. From a published lecture on neurasthenia, delivered by an emi-
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Chronic Tuberculous Pericarditis. — This may be a part of the general
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berry for the grower; it is small, a good berry, but not at-
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molasses plain or compounded, all candies and jams. Honey
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cles of food, the thumb and forefinger should grasp the tube firmly
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sion (hi/drarthrosis), and (b) as a chronic inflammation of the articular
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examiner of a travelling medical hoard, with headcpiarters at
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mechanical irritation of the skin, as is produced by the above-outlined
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' "Radical Cure for Chronic Dvsenterv of Recurrent Tvpe," British Med. Journal,
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processes. Often the associated lesions form no unimportant part of
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from circulatory disturbances in the cerebro-spinal sphere. Since this.
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that the impingement of water at ten or more degrees below the nor-
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typhoid patient and water of 32° or 34° F. be allowed to run through
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lutely essential. This treatment should take place immedi-
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of troubles within the peritoneal cavity. A healthy man may
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