ing sputa are expectorated. The temperature is verv high. On Decem-
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have all been included. Catarrhal pneumonia in cachectic children
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IGO. Fine rales were heard in the lower dependent parts of tlie lungs, and
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and that the pleura is only somewhat bulged out. These ecchy-
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and small, whitish-yellow, isolated and agminated granules are seen.
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lung. The cause is the same; the anatomic Nariety may perhaps be
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sue and of the pleura, as the necrotic portions are more rapidly
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of these minute patches present, around the margins, appearances
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production is disturbed, or perhaps a hyperemia of the internal organs
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kandl, of Vienna. Edited, with additions, by J. Chalmers DaCosta,
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lation in the pulmonary \'essels more and more, so that ultimately
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years of life, whereas under the fifth year the prognosis is extremely
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child, and assuming that the bacteria reach the lungs only through the
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in 14 cases treated with dietetic measures no fatal cases occurred.
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But if we add to these observations that Wolff among 70 cases
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accompanied by the formation of massive plaques, percussion is of
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A, Tricuspid valve with growths. ■ C, Openingin septum.
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The adjoining segment of fiber gradually becomes granular and the
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of each division, and to show how they jointly elaborate new
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not affected l:)y the pneumonia. Such cases I have also a few times had
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tion is resorted to without due regard to special conditions.
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so rare as to suggest an error of observation, or an accidental admix-
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This classification obviously presents many weak points. The
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It may succeed very easily in expelling large masses of sputum; it
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lessened (from 92 to 60). During the paroxysm the pulse becomes
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operation. (3.) That the child had been sick only twice ; that the
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Only Stokes divided the course of pneumonia into five stages,
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well-uourished and muscular man, lying on back, completely
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diseases of the lungs, but this has no significance whate^Tr. They are