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the arguments contained in Mr, Smith's article in favour of the
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muscles and of the diaphragm begin to reappear over the lateral
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panying bronchial catarrh, which is always present in a greater or
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There is a windy musical hum (a continuous sound) to be
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tuberculosis the presence of increased numbers of eosinophiles in the
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Patches of effusion occur along the course of the vessels in the
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life. The pathologists have repeatedly called attention to the danger
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Pavlinoff also describes as a consequence of syphilis, besides inter-
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On the other hand, other observers come to different conclu-
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* G. Danneberg : Das Stadtische Schuitumen zu Frankfurt
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primary tuberculosis of the bronchi, as well as a primary tul^orciilosis
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— in 100 water and 20 syr. simpl., one teaspoonful every two hours).
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trate through the pulmonary pleura into, and even below, the costal
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Sputum has occasionally been examined chemically. Bamberger f
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lodgment of air has not as yet been complete. [After a cough harsh
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while in Hospital. Pulse — average rate, 65 ; highest rate, 104;
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similar appearances may be produced by dense adhesions of the lung