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tympanitic. Four ounces of urine and blood drawn off. Tem-
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Leichtenstern : Gerhardt's " Handbuch der Kinderkrankheiten," 1878, iii, 2 (article
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t I take exception to this statement for reasons already explained.
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Falwasser, Francis, 16th Brigade, Royal Artillery, Wool-
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i. Convulsions. — The case of L. S. will show that this com-
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stains took on a more specific character, and are, perhaps, some
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head and clavicles, but no general perspiration. They had much
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An infiltration soon develops about the gumma, which is circum-
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intense, and that secretion is plentiful in the bronchial tubes. This
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plishment, be treating the lesion as the pedicle is dealt with in
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individuals of good constitution, when they indicate a maxinmm in-
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furthermore, it can be proved by the clinical observation of this case
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alveolar epithelia is characteristic of this affection. Up to the pres-
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Morphologic constituents are almost always absent in the urine
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of tuberculosis. He treats the subject from two points of view:
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The character of the sputum varies according as the catarrh is
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take place in those portions of the lung where the true inspiratory
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seen. Bartels describes a case in which in a nine-year-old girl, fol-
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The rales, of course, depend altogether on the extent and on the
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haemoglobin should so readily part with its iron. Dr. Young
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mothorax, where the air may accumulate slowly or rapidly: The
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hepatized lung in water, and, having filtered the fluid through linen,
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107. Hui)pcrt: "T^>l)er die Bezieliungen der Harnstoffau.s.schcidung zur Korin-rtein-
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of the iDrain. That it is separable from, although closely connected
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forward, rotating about an axis which passes in the frontal plane
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above 40.5° C. (104.9° F.) in the axilla means nmch more in pleurisy
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There is no need of the hypothetic explanation " that, on account of
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sess any direct value for the diagnosis or prognosis of pneumothorax.
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the sputum of a pneumonia patient, the fourth experiment was per-
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presents the picture of chronic bronchitis. Only in children and old
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In complete accord with the before-mentioned authors, Schulze
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emphysema. In this connection I attach great importance to the