spite of taking food, stimulant, and medicine regularly ; pulse

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ings which counteract the true causes of emphysema. This unde-

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obtained by experimenting with the sputum of pneumonia patients

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update on the use of hydroxyurea therapy in sickle cell disease

is usually acute and develops without any assignable cause as a sequel

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studied both clinically and experimentally. At the beginning of

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to be resorted to. The west coast is less ener^'ating than the east

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ectasis to follow as a result. But when we have a bronchiectasis, we

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opinion that there was no discoverable disease in the leg. A few

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is of minor importance compared to distention of the thoracic wall

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general symptoms did not appear to indicate the necessity of speedy

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form of extensive pneumonic infiltration from a large pleuritic exudate

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swelling of the mucous membrane. Besides the dark, bluish-red color

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culous pneumothorax the exudate is relative!}' seldom — that is, in

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the correctness of all the observations. According to his experience,

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I therefore feel compelled to agree with those authors who assert

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no well-defined peripneumonic depression (Harrison) and the antero-

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by cough ; sputum bronchitic in character. Tongue furred, appetite

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Such expressions as asthmatic or emphysematous bronchitis will

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fat, leucin, tyrosin, and cholesterin, as well as micro-organisms, are

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certain distance by means of the resisting cartilaginous wall of the

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the percussion note over the normal apex can be explained only by

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of both lungs the differences during inspiration and expiration are

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cades in actinomycosis have resulted in explaining to some extent

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tion in the internal work and development of energy, the ultimate

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generation ushers in the disappearance of the capillaries; the capil-

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tory cells possess the property of taking up fatty or otherwise degenerated

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relaxed and not able to assume its usual tension. Griinwald de-

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182. Xeubauer und Vogel: "Analyse des Harns," Wiesbaden, 1863.

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the true hay-asthma to our ordinary cases. We can, therefore, con-