and Klaesi, who says: "The atrophy of the capillaries is secondary to

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the normal, particularly along the lower border. Occasionally the

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by an exploratory- puncture which gives a negative result, or, if a large

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Cohnheim 's explanation of the processes in hemorrhagic infarct

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each pregnancy. In a third case the asthma became permanent in

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Clinically tuberculosis of the bronchi is never regarded or treated

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219. Schulze, F. G. : In Strieker's " Handbuch der Gewebelehre," 1871, p. 475.

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Aneurysm of the Septum of the Heart — Phthisis — Contracted

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tion with pancreatin, but owing to some obstruction in the cannula

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In adults the number of respirations varies between 24 and 40 per

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clined to doubt the occurrence of hemoptysis (see Complications).

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the next beat does not carry the murmur. Pulse, 84 ; small and

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only 5 were women, 17 men; of Reinhard's 27 cases, 11 were women,

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clear writing on the blackboard is easily seen (with

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The .controversy over the question whether inspiration or expira-

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It is important to measure the circumference during expiration, or

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noted several cases in which the diagnosis of ''tubercular infiltration

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forms which are included in the first group are not sufficiently char-

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means to neglect a thorough investigation and observation, to throw

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are noted. With this he employs stimulants plentifully. Of 108

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part forms the end of a lever represented by this organ, it must draw

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and focal diseases, whose placing in this category does not require a

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through the circulation, which still goes on, or whether the remaining

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— "Le pleuriti," " Rif . med.," ix, 187, 188, 189.

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II, 6. Citirt nach "Schmidt's Jahrbiich," 1895, Bd. ccxlviii, p. 28.

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considerably more than prior to their admission. It must, however,

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at 3%. In the hospital at Altstadt, from January 1, 1880, to

antabuse is a medication for those with alcoholism which

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13. Diseases of the skin by no means predispose to bronchitis,

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breathing. The cases that sometimes occur in children in severe

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irritant with a different disposition will produce as many different