with the above-named s^'mptoms, clear up the cUagnosis.

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At all events, there is a general agreement of opinion regarding this

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method of exclusion of all local, seasonal, individual therapeutic

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coating which was almost adherent, resembling large aphtha^, but

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accordingly withdrawn. The sphincter was not ruptured, and

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structure assumes an arborescent appearance. At \'arious points the

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In addition to the sternal angle, an anterior curvature of the

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According to this, the disease must be considered as occurring

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many exceptions. Emphysema may be confined to one lung; in

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peculiarly harsh and barking, influenced by none of the ordinary-

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parents ; second, as a characteristic of weakly, flabby

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too rapid aspiration, so that engorgement and extravasation into the

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the case to be one of great severity and doubtful prognosis.

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on microscopic examination finely granular pigment ; in one case the

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perature was taken every five minutes, a fall from 40° to 37.8° C.

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The character and severity of the symptoms, like the duration,

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ment must be transmitted from the first rib to the manubrium. The

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purulent. A purulent pulmonary area may break through into the

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1. A case of submucous lipoma, which ahnost completely filled the left main

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cleaning. Wall-paper should not be used ; the walls

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ries, — or, during the subsequent course, or if the duration is protracted,

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(Schachtelton, "box-tone," Biermer*). These conditions gradually

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the periphery of the lungs. During life bro\Ti pigmented sputa had

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much softened. This clot depends from an aneurj^sm, the size

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section pulmonary aspergillosis, streptothrix infections, and other