an exudate of white blood-cells which have escaped from the vessels."
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The only proof of the existence of an obstruction is the finding of
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the resting position and in the various phases of respiration, the
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those of the older anatomists, which will be found set forth at length
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do not, however, accumulate in any particular organ, since all the
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Gymnastics of the respiratory center, exercising and regulating the
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increase in the exudate is particularly apt to occur in relapses of
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meshes they lie, they are pushed forward and floated away by the
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Kopp: " Svphilis of the Trachea and of the Bronchi," " Deut. Arch, fiir klin. Med.,"
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nearly related to this group of expectorants, and which I regard as
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Unfortunately this sign is not quite trustworthy, because similar
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Jenner [Gairdner. — Ed.], Skoda, and Hutchinson added their quota
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secretion of a patient with pharyngomycosis and oza?na trachealis
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2, 1873, and 20 ounces of very fcetid pus were evacuated, and
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ones two hours previously. In all cases a diphtheritic endometritis
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catarrh has actually developed, the inhalation of coal-dust must be
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doubtedly this latter substance, from its optical properties and from
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supports the hypothesis that the faculty of reminiscence, as far as
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A detailed description and discussion of the rationale of its use will be
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verschiedenen Lungenerkrankungen uiid den dadurch bedingteii Stickstoff-
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C. D. Miliary degeneration from cord of a case of tetanus, -J -inch glass
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" It is concise and accurate, and I cordially recommend it as admirably suited
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series of experiments on human cadavers, injecting into the pleural
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sjfmptoms of asphyxia. Employment of iodofoi'm. Recovery. — A woman,
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The prognosis, as the preceding ta]:)les have shown, depends, first,
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especially on the points referred to, where the contracting diaphragm
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bronchorrhea, and putrid bronchitis. G. See, who is by many re-
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drawn that the variations which bilious pneumonia show from the
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* Friedliinder and Barisch, Arch. f. Anat. Phys., &c., 1S60, p. 666. Kow-
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In some parts of the brain — as, for example, the locus niger of
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fibrinous change, so also in croupous pneumonia the alveolar epi-
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erect position, it would seem that the child should at