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was shown, which opened together into a common middle space and
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Pfliiger (Arch. f. d. ges. Phys., 1S71, Bd. iv. p. 54) has, however, throwii doubt
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have never been fully explained, because the reflex alterations of
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long needle is needed and the pus is apt to be thick, aspiration through
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nounced at the hilus, because this region offers the greatest facilities
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catarrhal, who suffer from coryza, conjuncti\atis, bronchitis, supra-
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have, however, not gone any further than the view of Hasse, that
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might be performed before the worst features of peritonitis had
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when the volume of the pleural cavity was diminished.
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tion and height of rise. Leucocytosis never lasted long, probably
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a period of the convalescence, and appear so local and so far
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which appears in connection with already present tuberculous infiltra-
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at the site of operation, although adhesions were present in the
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anemia, continuous or hectic fever gradually exhausting the patient
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blood ; the middle lobe, however, was almost airless, of cloudy tough con-
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anteroposterior, — and, finally, when the arch of the upper portion in
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alveoli of the lungs. He is rather inclined to seek the deleterious
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for the contents of a pleural hernia — ^that is, a uniform bulging of the
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To-day we may consider the fact to be finally proved that inorganic
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pass into the circulation. It will be seen from this fact how little
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by contiguity to the peritoneal cavity is much more connnon. On
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which in reality is a principal source of light. By
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— as shown by the form of the thorax, by the percussion note, the
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the mucous membranes have difl"erent powers of resistance according
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pared with metallic dust, or to the size and shape of the dust-mole-
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I have always found the dome of the diaphragm more or less distinctly
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croupous pneumonia in enteric fever. In regard to the symptoma-
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rate have not propitiated them. In order to ascertain whether
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fibrosa chronica, carnificatio)," " Virchow's Archiv," 1880, Bd. Lxxxii, p. 317.
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aciniform, everywhere show through the pleura. The completely atelec-
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facts are conclusive: (1) In almost all dissections of hemoptoic in-
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girl would hot generally suffer from her studies if
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expiratory murmur. This lengthening shows that the air meets with