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value and reliability of tliose methods, and it is only by a systematic
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ment, but rather to stimulate and strengthen the cardiac and respira-
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June 10, 1898, he had to be readmitted on account of severe increase of his
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sion of the catarrh, the expiration has often seemed to me much pro-
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discharge on the second day after the operation, though upwards
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After injuries which affect the lungs in the form of open wounds
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were rather bloated, as in patients suffering from heart disease, they
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macroscopically numerous plugs consisting of detritus and micro-
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51. Friedreich: "Ueber schwarze Sputa," "Virchow's Archiv," 1864, Bd. xxx,
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The work concludes with a chapter on the use of the Rontgen rays in surgery.
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chains or diplococci, piled-up masses of cocci or chains of them. Thus
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connective-tissue fibers into the parenchyma, and irritate it to con-
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during the period of exudation, especially as far as the complicated
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altered, it affects all the surrounding tissues, causing their destruc-
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affected the right lower lobe of the lung and was accomjianied by pro-
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his chest. On palpation no thrill was felt. His pulse was
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ently, have the dread of pneumonia, as in operations for removal of
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persons with partially ossified thorax, in emphysema, in the presence
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am of the opinion that alcoholism plays a considerable role, and I am
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voluntary muscles of inspiration is identical with the greatest degree of
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and remove that portion of the lung forming the abscess cavity;
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the sixth, intercostal space. The incision should begin at the nipple
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diseases of the heart which also cause chibbing of the fingers. The
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definite proofs have, however, been brought forward. There is no
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differential diagnosis that I can think of is to examine the sputum
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laurels if they are to preserve a position in the van of surgical practice."
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diphtheria, found that the streptococcus, either alone or associated
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The circulatory system is chiefly involved. The pulse is nearly
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the lesion andtits limits. Percussion, auscultation, radiography, and
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The last gyrus bounds a portion of the fissure of Sylvius, and is
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The lung tissue around the bronchiectatic area naturally shows