on the condition of the chest muscles, the strength of the diaphragm,
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Calabar, in Sierra Leone, and to the south, in Angola, the favourite
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all investigators, that extensive communications exist among the
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croscopic examination showed, Ijesides other changes which will be
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This description should be correct for all other cases of hypostatic
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220. See: "Die Krankheiten der Lunge," 2. Theil, Deutsch von Salomon, Berlin,
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a swelling of the ah'eolar epithelia with disintegration of their nuclei
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30. Billard: " Maladies des nouveaux-nes." Citirt nach Grisolle.
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coagula are f omid as threads rolled together ; occasionally as a small
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recovery from the anaesthetic and the injection of the copper to
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perhaps, during the period of defervescence or even after convalescence
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formation of dust connected with the same. It remains noAv to discuss
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capsulated exudate between the lobes of the lung ma}' often be
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of a vein in the neighborhood of the puerperal uterus. The latter
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Accordingly, the causes of pleurisy — in other words, the inciting
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pressure on the vessels. A secondary empyema simplifies the process.
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morning of the day on which he was admitted into the Hospital,
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costal pleura, assisted in part by the action of the respiratory muscles,
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February 27, 1896: Yesterday there was more irritation, causing
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finding greater favour. It is chiefly invoked to explain the
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As a rule, the remnant of vesicular breathing has a slight metallic or
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usually die later of pulmonary tuberculosis. The pneumothorax is
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serum or any other watery fiuid ; even in lungs examined in serum,
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none at all, according to some authorities; that, according to Rup-
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175. Ribbert: "Bemerkungen zu einem Falle von primiircm Lungencarcinom,"
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patient sits erect, takes hold of a support with the hands, and breathes
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glands, without conmiunication with the esophagus, and it is through
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accumulation of colls in the alveoli which, on account of the almost
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sistency of an extract, into the mouth of a rabbit; in other cases I
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an exceedingly favorable opportunity to examine the conduct of the
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a diagnosis. 2. I note the symptoms did not warrant an exact
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ficial foci in the lung, which are caused usually by too rapid removal
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that have been given for the production of emphysema by inspirator}^
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another. But there must undoubtedly^ be a difference in the symp-