There is no marked access of fever, no other disturbance of the
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proper in such cases to exclude a true pneumonia and accept pneu-
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sively to the lungs. The latter will not be considered here. The
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Rochester, Delancev: "Three Cases of Lung-Abscess," "Medical News," Jan. 20,
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1. Dyspnea is considered as the most conspicuous, the most
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mucous, scanty, and very tough; it is the sputum crudum of the older
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of food, but pins or similar inorganic bodies, whether lodged in
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The distinction between acute and chronic forms ought to be
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continue the irrigations and make every effort to check the decomposition
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be ascertained by farther experiments. On injecting 4 cubic
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the patient sits up and draws a deep breath, being caused by the
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a piece of a gray hepatized lung that I had prepared in the same way.
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to favorable conditions for resonance. Similar noises are not infre-
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ciently low, so that the matter remained in the chest, became
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of fat were also present free in the sputum and especiall}' floating
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tomy. Here I found the parietes firm, almost unyielding
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the severity of the symptoms, and the cause and progress of the dis-
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Specially to be mentioned is the occurrence of carcinoma in
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ascribed to the inhalation of noxious gases. In such cases there is
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in the course of a second attack which developed five days after the
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to a considerable extent ; but at other times, if the extent of the
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or dionin do not produce the same effect. In this respect heroin acts
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that the younger persons take part in the drills in disproportion-
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pneumonia of the lower lobe, which occurs in the course of delirium
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neurosis; indeed, a reflex neurosis. This assumes, of course, an ab-
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are even to-day, included in the same category. These varieties
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consists of villous masses containing a tangle of delicate yellowish-
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no blood-corpuscles, pulmonary tissue, blood-vessels, were anywhere
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