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spread is easily comprehensible for reasons that need no special ex-
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blood-corpuscles. Besides this, the lumen is almost com]:)letely
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shows a percentage of 81.04% of men and 18.06% of women. Within
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situation and extent of the lesion ; the fourth he strongly urges.
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sent to the truth of the proposition, that young chil-
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toms with the time of year and with the weather is quite usual, and
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System," ibid., April 24, 1893; "Skin— Nutrition— Prostration— Physiognomy
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are now found in various cities, and several writers have given us the
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and becoming strangulated. An opinion as unanimous was ex-
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taneously with the throat affection may with propriety be regarded as
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pathologic-anatomic curiosity, but, on account of its frequency, de-
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tonus, without distention, and diminished by an increase of tonus,
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able to procure. It may be quite true that there are plenty of cases
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of a pint of pus had been evacuated at the thoracentesis ; a few
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blood, and in two or three places small lacerations were observed.
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as carried out in the hospital at Batlen. The temperature of the
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cardiac region healed, but was followed by the development of a
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The cases of simple atrophy must, in my judgment, be set apart, for
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structure, is more likel}^ to become emphysematous under the influence
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Putnani-Jacobi : "Remarks upon Empyema," "Philadelphia Med. News," lvi, 5,
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Percussion gives dulness, but also tympanitic sounds, and in cer-
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there is some cough, but the general impression is merely that
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some very light cases had very many, and vice versa. "Wliy some
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but even eight clays later crepitation was still to be heard over the
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thrombosis. The hemorrhages he ascribes to a vascular peribron-
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of indifference. If a man suffering from a recent attack of pneumonia
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recommended in cases of cachexia. The chief requisites are freedom
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can see how the one form may pass over into the other.