maul have shown an average increase in weight of 810 grams (2 lb. 2
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circumstances would not be sufficient to produce any alteration in the
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ing of the mediastinal glands — must be differentiated, on the one
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sider the question settled. The latter opinion is evidently shared by
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the respiratory organs, which, besides the fever, plainly characterize
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produced at the point of adhesion. Thus, in one case simple puncture
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dressed with oxid of zinc. The granulations are rarely so exuberant
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form of malignant disease of the pleura, so-called endothelial cancer,
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are also found in many other forms of catarrh of the respiratory
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lobar cellular pneumonia, which latter is equivalent to the acute
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of the body, as a rule, remains normal; it may be below the normal,
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C. (102.2° F.), and even after that continues to rise until it reaches a
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and the inabihty of these tissues to follow the traction of the inspira-
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surgeon may be called upon to use. It was a gangrenous abscess of
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that of Lichtheim/ who studied the changes in blood pressure pro-
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hand and arm. He had lost flesh rapidly for the last six months.
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chitis is likely to follow if the " cold " is not aborted.
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which was airless and slat}'. The upper lobe of the right lung
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of the discharge, which was purulent and very profuse. A weak luke-
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puncture repeated at another point, where ])us was then obtained. In-
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equally concerned in the proliferative process. But there is still
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strengthening diet can be advised if the condition of the stomach will
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cous membrane is actually injected. As a rule, the bronchi in their
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cavity fluid that solidifies on cooling. His results tally in the main
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49. Damaschino: " Des differentes formes de la pneunionie aigue chez les enfants,"
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Death rarely, perhaps one might say never, occurs in croupous
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Concerning the color of the skin, Trojanowski gives the following
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cussed, that only the smallest particles are carried into the alveoli by
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