coachmen that were admitted, pneumonia occurred in one out of
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to involvement of the air-passages must be considered in the etiology
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to the communications of Traube in reference to the frequent occur-
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permanent structural alterations of the tissue, it constitutes a tissue
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account of a grave anemia is very remarkable. He was not bedrid-
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no attempt was made by insufflation or otherwise to effect reduction.
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t Pincus, Vicrtdjahrsf^chr. jiXr gcrichtliche Mcdicin, vol. xviii, 1873; Winter,
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and it will be correct to make the diagnosis "tuberculosis." The
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can, as the result of experience, give an approximate
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began to complain of left thigh ; on the ninth day diarrhcea
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of dulness obtained by percussion; that is to say, above the lower
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or reaction, and invisible work, resulting in the production of energy,
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lived, aroused him, and challenged him to go down and fight
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dates which are rich in cells; in jjneumonia a sign that the pneumonic
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small nucleated cells, and larger ones, partly nucleated and partly plates
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der the best plans of the sanitary engineer void and
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a jaded system and to produce dyspepsia — cake and
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of the patient. On several successive nights I have had occasion to
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the strength of his above-related observation, and Maurice deny
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Biss (1884) large right-sided bronchiectatic cavity; death after
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elasticity of the lung can be permanently injured simply by exces-
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According to Weichselbaum, there is no specific pneumonic virus;
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Piorry : " Diction, des scienc. m^dic," vol. xliv, p. 370.
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fined to colliers, however, for it is always found in
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held away. This difficulty is felt by the scholar, who
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chi facilitates their expansion and acts as a stimulant to the torpid
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statement without objective demonstration. I acknowledge that it
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Silvestrini e Sertoli : " On the Presence of the Diplococcus of Fraenkel in the Circu-
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fistulas is of course very imf avorable ; owing to the profuse suppura-
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deepest inspiration would give the size of the increase in volume in
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so as to spare the patient any unnecessary pain and prevent its slip-