itself, and the atelectasis of the superficial portions of the lung. I
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deeply, distinct amphoric breathing with a high metallic adventitious
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monary inflammations which occur secondary to other diseases.
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von Grossman: "Ether Does not Cause Bronchopneumonia; Infection from the
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no force on any account should be used to overcome it, as this
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width of the intercostal spaces and the danger incident to delayed
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ries, — or, during the subsequent course, or if the duration is protracted,
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affects the apices. Catarrhal pneumonia in childnui affects the l)ases.
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becomes compressed and atelectatic, the other portions appearing to
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bronchial respiration. Over both pulmonary ai)ices the sound is full
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bronchi should intensify the above-mentioned symptoms of emphy-
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racic and abdominal viscera healthy. Membranes of brain red
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the beginning of the disease, ^^^th the subsequent serous exudation,
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bly the above-mentioned rarer occurrence of tuberculosis is to be
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tubercular meningitis. The girl was not examined till about
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muscles are prominent and appear extremely short, while the intervals
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come on suddenly with bronchitis and disappear in a few hours; as
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brane in the bronchi influence the extent of solidification.
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cells thus become converted into pigment-cells and give the pulmon-
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w^here catheters or drainage-tubes are introduced into the thorax after
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scientifically; if this is impossible, it is the physician's duty not to
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tions make their a])pearance. These are the cases in which ])ure
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nent success, complete re-expansion of the lung occurred within a \'ery
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both of the distended cells, those with one or more nuclei, and of the
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At the present time it would be difficult to find an obstetrician to
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In the future, unless all signs fail, blood-letting, especially vene-
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panied by high, continued fever, the prognosis in regard to rapid
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we must remember that dust, if present continually in any lung,
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healing of which is even facilitated by the fact that the first escape of
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is an especially bad medium for the growth of organisms which produce
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in otherwise healthy lungs the most plentiful peribronchial infiltrations